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Video of the Week

 So I was watching this TV show about how things are made (entitled “How It’s Made” oddly enough) and I saw a segment on how pedal steel guitars are built.  I was astounded at how complex the things are.  The pedals increase the tension on the strings when they’re depressed and bend the notes sharp.  The guitarist plays with a slide, so the frets are just for his visual reference.  A pedal steel guitar can play every note on the scale plus all the missing ‘notes’ in between. That got me to thinking about the instrument, and how most pedal steel you hear is slow and whiny country music. 

 That wouldn’t do for VotW here at Sidemeat.  I needed some steel gutar with funk, soul, energy, flash, and a dash of Joisey addytude!

Robert Randolph and the Family Band absolutely tear it up here with “NYC Freaks”, live in 2002.

Whoo!, as the man said.



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News Flash From The Sylva Herald And Ruralite!


You can bet that those squirrels were cut up and cooking about ten minutes after this photo was taken.  Let’s hope a little sidemeat went in the pot too.

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Fireplace Progress


Here’s a link to my Webshots photo album of our fireplace project.

Sidenote for Supercub: The stone will be about 1 1/2″ thick, so I mounted the firebox a little proud of the studs, so it doesn’t look like a cave when it’s finished.  The mantel is 12″ wide, so when we’re finished we’ll have about 10″ sticking out.  Mantel brackets project about 8″.


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Video of the Week

The Choir of King’s College in Cambridge performs John Rutter’s Nativity Carol in 2006.

 Lots of NPR stations broadcast the Nine Lessons and Carols on Christmas Eve, so check your local listings.

Here are some aerial oblique photos of King’s College Chapel.

Have a great Christmas everyone!

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Hillbilly Holiday


 Nothing says Christmas in the mountains like a ripped open living room wall!

Merry Christmas, y’all.


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The Spotnicks – Johnny Guitar – 1962

Space-Age surf music from Sweden

This is also a test.  Could be a video of the week though…


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Test Post Numero Uno

Test test test.  This is only a test.  Must change to sans-serif font.

Here’s  Gene Krupa’s band featuring Roy Eldridge and Anita O’Day doing “Let Me Off Uptown” in  1942.


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