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A Little Something We Whipped Up

We’re building this sales/checkout counter thingamabob for the Boss’ Wife’s shop.

Sales counter

It’s White Oak plywood and veneer over Birch plywood with oak laminated countertop edges.  The blue tape is squeezing the inner laminations together while the glue sets up.  The top will get four grain matched veneer panels in a sort of a pie shape arrangement.  Finish will be the same double dark brown stain over dye combo that we used on our earlier table.  The bottom of the panels will be finished with the strips you see lying next to the level.  It’ll have a full height return on the left side, and a desk height return on the right side, same style.

 Want one for your retail establishment?  Let me know.



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Barbecue Sauce Styles of the Carolinas

A Blog post over at Strange Maps on the various barbecue sauce regions of South Carolina inspired one of his commenters to whip up a Google Map version of the old printed map originally posted there.  Inspired by that map I created a Google map of North Carolina barbecue sauce regions.

Tennesseans, Georgians, Virginians and Kentuckians, the ball is now in your court.  Make a map of your state’s barbecue (or other regional cooking) styles.

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Video of the Week

One of Rolling Stone Magazine’s “50 Moments that Changed Rock and Roll”, here’s U2 Live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, 1983.

Turn it up!


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Video of the Week

John Coltrane – My Favorite Things

Baden-Baden Germany, 1961

John Coltrane – soprano sax
Eric Dolphy – flute
McCoy Tyner – piano
Reggie Workman – bass
Elvin Jones – drums

Everybody likes a swingin’ waltz, right?  And there was only one man in the history of the world that could make a soprano sax sound good, and his name ain’t Kenny G.

Julie Andrews was not invited to this gig. 

Tyner and Jones are in top notch form here.  Replay it and just watch Jones on the drums.  Freaking Brilliant!

The snappy suits ain’t bad either.  Where did I put my skinny ties?


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The Side Table Is Done

Craftsman Style Side Table

We have to finish sand and shoot a couple of coats of poly, but our first piece for retail is virtually done.

It’s white oak with maple pegs, finished with a dark brown dye and a walnut stain (you should see my hands!).  The top chamfer and edges are hand planed, and all the joints are mortise and tenon.  No screws, nails or other fasteners are used (except to hold the top on).

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You Tell ’em, Sister!


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My First Through-Tenon Mortise Joint*

Through-tenon in mortise

Sorry for the crummy phone-cam pic.  I’ll have good photos soon.

 Making a tenon (the male part) is no big deal if you have a good table saw and a tenoning jig, which we do.  Making a blind mortise (the female part) is no big deal if you have a dedicated mortiser, which we do.  This machine is a drill press with a special bit inside a hollow four cornered chisel.  In short, it’s a drill press that drills square holes.  Drill a bunch of square holes in a line and you have a mortise.  Don’t drill all the way through, or you’ll have an unintentional through mortise, AKA firewood.  This machine is pretty accurate, but the edges and bottom of this slot are not perfectly even and clean.  This is OK if you are covering this mess up with your tenoned piece, in this case a shelf between the legs of a table.  Smear some glue on it, hammer it together, clamp it, and nobody will ever see the raggedy slot.

A through mortise however must have a tight fit to the tenon and clean crisp edges.  No chips, no tearout, and straight lines on both sides.  It’s all visible, baby.  You’ve got to make the mortise undersized, then carefully chisel and file up to your layout lines.  Test fit, then file some more, repeat until satisfactory.  Patience and time are required.

 This table is our first non-commissioned piece and will be for sale soon.  Stay tuned.

*this is actually my second through-tenon mortise.  the first one is in the ‘to burn’ bin.

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