A Little Something We Whipped Up

We’re building this sales/checkout counter thingamabob for the Boss’ Wife’s shop.

Sales counter

It’s White Oak plywood and veneer over Birch plywood with oak laminated countertop edges.  The blue tape is squeezing the inner laminations together while the glue sets up.  The top will get four grain matched veneer panels in a sort of a pie shape arrangement.  Finish will be the same double dark brown stain over dye combo that we used on our earlier table.  The bottom of the panels will be finished with the strips you see lying next to the level.  It’ll have a full height return on the left side, and a desk height return on the right side, same style.

 Want one for your retail establishment?  Let me know.



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3 responses to “A Little Something We Whipped Up

  1. forest

    Pretty nice. Did you guys bend the plywood and do all the laminate from scratch?

  2. JB

    The carcass is sheathed with ‘wiggle wood’ or ‘bendy board’, a very flexible plywood. We then veneered the four panels between the legs with White Oak.

    The laminations on the edges of the countertop are made from 1 1/2″ thick White Oak boards. We ripped them down into 1/8″ thick strips, then glued/bradded/clamped/taped them up, similar to our spiral staircase handrail.


  3. JB

    Just found out Friday that this particular store fixture is known as a “Cash Wrap” in Retailese.

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