You Paid Too Much For Your Glasses

How do I know that?  Because I just got a pair of cool looking glasses with two sets of clip-on sunglasses,  progressive bifocal lenses (I need them for work), anti-glare coating, anti-scratch coating, polished lens edges, and UV protection for $70.00!

Zenni Optical

Eyeglasses Stores are for Suckers

I’m never paying retail for glasses again!



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3 responses to “You Paid Too Much For Your Glasses

  1. weburtow

    Thanks for the tip – it’s been a couple of years since I have been to the eye doctor – for this reason. Would love to get a new pair of glasses, but the prices are crazy for anything other than Elvis Costello-style frames. I am going to make my appoint, get my prescription and try this out. Did you get them yet? How is the quality? I read the other blog posting, but would like your opinion.

    (And, I didn’t even tease you about the bi-focals!)

  2. JB

    Just got them yesterday. It took three weeks, which is a little slower than a retail store. Quality is very good.

    When your doc writes your prescription ask him to measure your pupil distance and jot it down. This number is especially important for bifocals.

    Also, think about frame size and temple length. I need long temples, so this limited my choices a bit.

    Nice avatar. {8^P

  3. forest

    “progressive bifocal lenses (I need them for work)”

    Progressive lenses? Does that mean they have to be in John Lennon-style wire rims?

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