Video of the Week

Shelby Lynne sings the Burt Bacharach / Hal David composition “Anyone Who Had A Heart”.

This is from her new album “Just A Little Lovin’“, a tribute to Dusty Springfield.  Hurry up, UPS Guy!


P.S. to Shelby – If you’re still down in the dumps over that heartless cad give me a call.  I’ll come over to your cool mid century modern digs and have a couple of Maker’s Marks on the rocks with you.  Just to cheer you up, ya know.



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7 responses to “Video of the Week

  1. Mario

    the link isn’t working….

  2. weburtow

    Great house!

    So, are you saying that you don’t have an iPod/iTunes – you still ordering CDs?????

  3. JB

    Yes and yes. I like to own hard copies of my music. Heck, I’m turntable shopping right now!

    Besides, Shelby could never sign an MP3.

  4. LAB

    How about the fireplace in her place? You going to try one like that next, JB?

  5. JB

    Jo and I were watching the video and as soon as I saw that fireplace I said “Now there’s some great stonework!”.

    I’m not ready for that yet, but the boomerang coffee table is entirely doable. One sheet of birch plywood, some iron-on edge band, a leg kit and some gloss paint. Probably knock one out for $200 (my cost). Say $700 retail.

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