Video of the Week

Last week Jo got a new car and a new camera.  Lucky gal.  That Sunday we drove down to Whitewater Falls.

Whitewater Falls

I drove home while Jo fiddled with her new camera which just happens to take videos!

This was taken on Cullowhee Mountain Road, between Lake Glenville and Cullowhee and is the best part of my evening commute.   It’s about an 8% grade with 9 miles of twists and turns.

Disclaimers For Gearheads:

1: I was taking it easy because I had the dogs in the back and my wife up front.

2: This isn’t even the twistiest part of the road.  Jo was still fiddling with her camera at that point.



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2 responses to “Video of the Week

  1. Mom

    We was there!!!!

  2. Wendy

    I need dramamine (sp?) to watch the video! YIKES!

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