This is our take on a Stickley style double vanity.  We took a Stickley library table design and stretched it and lowered it.  It will have a limestone top with two vessel sinks and wall mounted faucets.  One drawer goes in the center, and two cabinets with doors will flank it, but I think it looks better without them.

This is the first coat of finish, a water soluble dye.  Tomorrow it will get a coat of stain, then a few coats of sanding sealer, a good hand sanding, and then a few coats of satin polyurethane.

Want one for your bathroom?  Call me in July.  We may have time to build you one then.


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5 responses to “Progress

  1. Mom

    I agree. No doors. Is that for a client or for sale? Gorgeous!

  2. forest

    It looks good, but I think Woody Grigor is going to want to see chamfered edges and three coats of Deft of you want the “A” on your project.

  3. JB

    The side cabinets will have doors, so you have somplace to store your T.P. out of sight. Homeowner insisted.

    All edges are hand sanded to break the corners, and it’ll have at least 3 coats of oil based polyurethane from Newark, NJ. This stuff can kick Deft ass any day of the week.

  4. Mom

    I want to see it finished.

  5. JB

    You will. The house, our work, and our furniture will be in a local magazine for sure, and possibly a national mag too.

    The realtor is talking about a dedicated website for the house when it is on the market.

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