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Some Blacksmiths I Like

Lorelei Sims

Shawn Lovell

Yeah, I know they’re both women with an artsy/organic style, but that’s want I want to do and that’s what will sell.  Who do you think makes most home decorating decisions, the husband or the wife?



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From the Butler, Pa. Sesqui-Centennial Souvenir Book (1950)


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R.I.P. Jimmy McGriff

Hammond Organ great Jimmy McGriff passed away Saturday.

Funky 16 Corners has a nice little tribute, with a couple of mp3s.

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Gray Tree Frog

Hyla versicolor
 Had a little visitor on the deck today.  Hyla versicolor.

He really stands out on the stained pine, but would blend in perfectly with Tulip Poplar bark (the #1 tree around here).

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A Blog You Might Like

Charles Cingolani’s Butler PA Blog.

Set aside an hour or two.  It’s fascinating if you’re a Butlerite or an ex-Butlerite.  The rest of you can go Google your own hometown.


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