Some Blacksmiths I Like

Lorelei Sims

Shawn Lovell

Yeah, I know they’re both women with an artsy/organic style, but that’s want I want to do and that’s what will sell.  Who do you think makes most home decorating decisions, the husband or the wife?



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5 responses to “Some Blacksmiths I Like

  1. Mom

    Boy do I like the circular staircase that Lovell did. That is gorgeous!

  2. Wendy

    I’ll buy your crap if it looks like that.

  3. JB

    What makes you think you’ll be able to afford my crap? {8^0

    Don’t worry though, I have a feeling all of my siblings will be getting wrought iron T.P. holders for Christmas this year.

  4. Wendy

    Great! I’ll take 6! 😉

  5. JB

    Hmm, most women make the decorating decisions. Not in our house!
    Mrs. JB

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