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First Class

I had my first blacksmithing class last night.  I think I did pretty good.  We started off by making a few nails (harder than you would think) then did some bending.  I designed and made this hook for hanging plants.

It’s about a foot long. 

Tonight I’m going to make a long handled weenie/marshmallow roasting fork (WooHoo!). 

Hey, wait till you see it.  It’s gonna be fancy!



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Get Your White Lily Flour Now!

They’re shutting the plant in Knoxville down at the end of the month.  New owner Smuckers says you won’t be able to tell the difference, but we already know that’s not true.

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Iowahawk V. SCOTUS

Iowahawk wins.

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More from Fred Thompson

Boumediene: A Supremely Problematic Court Decision

Unfortunately it is not uncommon for a majority of the Supreme Court to make new law based not upon precedent but upon policy preferences of members of the Court. But this time it’s part of a much bigger picture. It is about power, and who gets to exercise it in an area that is vital to the security of this nation.  This time it’s not only wrong, it’s dangerous.

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Change I Can Believe In

Finished staining the house today.  I had hired a tall fellow from Chicago to help out, but he never shut up.  He kept droning on about ‘change’ this and ‘believe’ that.  Yesterday I had enough.  I told him, look Barack, I believe you should pick up a brush and start changing the color of this house.  He called me a racist and quit.

So I did the whole thing myself (with help from Mrs. Sidemeat).


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Another Question

How in the world does the U.S. Supreme Court grant the right of habeas corpus to ununiformed combatants, foreigners captured by our soldiers on a foreign battlefield and held by the U.S. military in another nation?

Fred Thompson attempts to explain this foolishness.


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Who Said It?

Who said that the Islamic call to prayer is “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset” ?


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