Change I Can Believe In

Finished staining the house today.  I had hired a tall fellow from Chicago to help out, but he never shut up.  He kept droning on about ‘change’ this and ‘believe’ that.  Yesterday I had enough.  I told him, look Barack, I believe you should pick up a brush and start changing the color of this house.  He called me a racist and quit.

So I did the whole thing myself (with help from Mrs. Sidemeat).



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2 responses to “Change I Can Believe In

  1. forest

    That’s right; say anything about Obama and you’re a racist!

    There’s no shortage of reasons for voting against Obama, but the thing that’s the clincher for me is that his tax plan will cost me over $5000 extra in taxes annually (see HR 3970). What he’s selling as “taxing the rich” and “closing corporate loopholes” will kill the self-employed who are operating as s-corps (me). And I don’t make $250,000 – Obama’s supposed threshold for being “wealthy”.

    Anyone who feels the need to cast a feel-good vote for that guy might feel even better if they send me a check for $20,000. I’d say $40,000, but there no way in hell he’s getting a second term after we go through 1979 again.

    Oh, and the house looks good. We’ll have to come visit soon. We’ll be able to afford it unless white guilt elects the man who will loot my bank account.

  2. JB

    Corporations = Evil. You should know this mantra by now.

    I love B. Hussein Obama’s solution to high gasoline prices: Extra taxes on oil companies! Yeah, that’ll help lower the price of gas.

    I guess this kind of thinking makes sense to those who operate on wishes and dreams, rather than facts.

    Y’all are welcome to visit anytime (except immediately before or after Independence Day).

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