First Class

I had my first blacksmithing class last night.  I think I did pretty good.  We started off by making a few nails (harder than you would think) then did some bending.  I designed and made this hook for hanging plants.

It’s about a foot long. 

Tonight I’m going to make a long handled weenie/marshmallow roasting fork (WooHoo!). 

Hey, wait till you see it.  It’s gonna be fancy!



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4 responses to “First Class

  1. eric

    It looks a lot like an “F” hole.

    Blacksmithing is an excellent art. right up there with glass blowing.

  2. forest

    Looks like a pretty good start.

  3. Wendy

    Bring the marshmallow roasting fork to my house on the 4th!

  4. JB

    eric: Thank you, your comment gave me an idea…
    forest: Thanks. Need any ferrous items for Christmas?
    Wendy: Will do! See you soon.

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