Don’t Miss It!

Jackson County Green Energy Park

Jackson County Green Energy Park

Art at the Park 2008 is Saturday the 20th of September.  Free art activities, horticultural seminars and blacksmithing demonstrations by Yours Truly.

You may now commence ridiculing me for working with Greenies and Artistes.  {8^0



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5 responses to “Don’t Miss It!

  1. forest

    I assume you’re able to get along with the others.

    I’ve found that West Virginia hippies are fine as long as you don’t mess with their pot – kinda more libertarian than moonbat. Hopefully that’s the way they are down there too.

  2. JB

    There are two kinds of Democrats around here. There are the old school, FDR, Uncle Sugar dems that just want gubmint money. They tend to be social conservatives/libertarians.

    Then there are the hippies/children of hippies. They tend to be commies.

    But my superior social skills allow me to get along with everyone, as you and middle sister know.

  3. Mario

    I’d say your superior social skills allow you tolerate everyone. Come to think of it, maybe it’s the Budweiser.

  4. wendy

    JB – ridicule? I am proud of you for going outside your comfort zone and actually interacting with other humans. Lets not get caught up in labels or get ahead of ourselves on the social skills – we really don’t expect you to have social skills at this point. Of course, it might help you get through the day if you just focus on how it will help YOU in the future, because after all, the world does revolve around you. (apologies to Matt and Ed, who think the world revolves around them)

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