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Got it?




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  1. forest

    “got it?”

    “It depends what the meaning of ‘got’ is.” – a lawyer

    Anybody see the polls today?

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  2. JB

    Zogby, McCain 50% Nobama 46%

    Did you catch Night of the Hunter on TCM last night?

  3. forest

    Didn’t know it was on. I think we watch Top Gear of BBC. I can’t believe they allow those guys on that network.

    I think the polls may get even worse for the Redeemer of All Humanity. He’s on the back foot trying to argue that he’s changier than his opponents, and he’s wasted half of last week in Pennsylvania trying to convince us gun-totin’, Bible-thumpin hicks that he’s not a communist.

  4. forest

    Just in case anybody hasn’t heard: Scrappy workin’ class Joey Biden is from Scranton, Pennsylvania!

  5. JB

    This just in: “In the new poll, taken Friday through Sunday, McCain leads Obama by 54%-44%…”

  6. forest

    10 points?!

    But Joey Biden is from Scranton!

  7. weburtow

    wait wait wait, don’t you mean PALIN is leading Obama… that is who these people are “voting” for and as we have established on another post here the VP position is basically a do-nothing job (apologies to Cheney – who we all know has been running this country with Rove the last 8 years). So how smart is that – vote for her because we think she is cute and just forget about that old man next to her that has anger issues, lies and can’t decide if he is pro-life or pro-choice (this year its pro-life, I guess). A brilliant marketing move by the GOP. Let’s see if they can fool the American Public yet again. So far, so good.

  8. JB

    “Anger Issues”?

    I think you just let the ‘progressive’ cat out of the ‘transnational’ bag with that turn of phrase.

    Most US citizens are not fooled by hack career politicians. Our B.S. detectors are on, and they work.

  9. weburtow

    So, McCain has been in the Senate since 1982… 26 years… but is NOT a hack career politician. I think I’m starting to get it… let’s see, not a hack career politician because he has a rich wife, no no that can’t be it… let’s see, not a hack career politician because he has stuck to his guns on major policy decisions – not flip flopping for him, no no THAT can’t be it. OH NOW I GET IT… it’s because he NOW has a cute sidekick. That makes all the difference in the world.

    The fact that I do not want a hot head in the white house means that I am a transnational progressivist?? I don’t get the connection.

  10. JB

    McCain’s not a partisan hack. He’s his own man. I don’t agree with him all the time but at least he’s a leader, not a follower

    Ya can’t use the word ‘cute’ if a woman is over 40. It’s a rule.

    She sure gets ‘feminists’ riled up though, doesn’t she?

    You’re a Tranzi because you can use terms like “anger issues” without wincing.

  11. weburtow

    McCain is the worst kind of partisan hack! I would have agreed with you 8 years ago. I actually liked McCain, but Dad didn’t because he didn’t stay in line with the party. But McCain certainly has flip flopped on a whole bunch of issues since then and he is right in lock-step with them now.

    But still – its his own words that concern me:

    I still don’t see how using the term “anger issues” equates to labeling me transnational progressivist. That doesn’t even come close to being logical. But if you just want to throw in fancy name calling for the hell of it, then OK. (It’s because I do not have any anger issues that it doesn’t matter to me if you call me names. I am more concerned with real issues. 🙂

  12. JB

    “The results for the three senators running in this race are not necessarily what the Democrats wish they were. Both Obama and Biden, for instance, turn out to have very high party loyalty, following the extremely unpopular leaders of the Democratic senate on almost every close vote. Obama’s party loyalty score was 96%, making him a more orthodox Democrat than even the Democratic leader in the Senate, Harry Reid, whose score was 93%. Biden was tied with Reid, at 93%. John McCain, meanwhile, had a party loyalty score of 81%, among the lowest in the Republican conference, as many of his fellow Republican senators could no-doubt attest.”


  13. weburtow

    So, party loyalty = hack career politician? You are voting for McCain because he is not in lockstep with the Republican Party?

    That statistic is misleading because it takes into account his entire career. I would like to see the statistic for just the last 8 years (not even half of his political career for anyone keeping track) – after the GOP whacked him over the proverbial head and he started flip-flopping to get right in line behind Bush, Cheney, Rove and whats-his-name out at Liberty University.

  14. JB

    “You are voting for McCain because he is not in lockstep with the Republican Party?”


    “…he started flip-flopping to get right in line behind Bush, Cheney, Rove and whats-his-name out at Liberty University.”

    HooBoy! You’d better lay off the Obama Kool Aid. That stuff causes hig blood sugar and severely elevated gullibility levels.

  15. forest

    I disagree with Obama most of the time. I agree with McCain most of the time. It’s a pretty easy choice for me.

    Rangel’s tax plan that would cost me a bunch of money is another big reason for me to not vote for any Democrat for President in a general election. It’s not law now because W has promised to veto it. It’ll move forward if BO gets elected unless the Democrats lose the house and/or senate – which looks possible now.

    The whole thing just might come down to PA, and BO is going to get hammered in Western PA and lose the state and the election. Hopefully Murtha gets swept aside too as a bonus.

  16. weburtow

    MB – How do you know if you agree with McCain? he is all over the place.

    JB – I prefer Chardonnay… duh! geesh, you think you know someone for 41 years….

    There are plenty of examples of McSame’s flip flops. Maybe you are drinking a little too much of that yummy Budweiser to see them. Here is a short list:
    Gay Marriage
    Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthy
    Confederate Flags
    Gun Control
    and my personal favorite: Torture

    So my point is not to discuss these issues, but simply – how do you know what he is going to do if elected?

    I know what I am going to do if she is elected – buy more Chardonnay and stay drunk for the next 4 years – it worked for the last 8! 🙂

  17. forest

    I’ll have to stay sober if Obama gets elected because I won’t have money for booze.

    What difference does it make if Palin gets elected to VP? It doesn’t matter who’s VP, right?

    As for the “flip flops”, both candidates have changed positions repeatedly. Remember Obama’s awkward and disingenuous lurch to the center after the primaries were over? The most troubling was his 24 hour turnaround on an undivided Jerusalem. He obviously didn’t know the significance of an undivided Jerusalem when he read his speech his writers put in front of him, and then backpedaled when the Hamas-loving leftists went nuts on him.

    Some of McCain’s switches were at least logical responses to changing circumstances. Gas got expensive, so he let up on the off shore ban. Corn ethanol was just a terrible idea to begin with, and that has become obvious even to some leftists. Some of that other stuff like confederate flags and gay marriage aren’t important issues for a President, and I don’t much care about them.

    McCain isn’t ideal, but I agree with Obama on almost nothing. And then there are the character issues and complete lack of accomplishments and his elitism, but those problems are secondary to the ideological problems.

  18. JB

    Lawyers, to get back on track.

    The Party of the Lawyer Candidates vs. The Party of the Non-Lawyer Candidates:

    John Peralta counts Democratic and Republican Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates since 1980, and sees how many lawyers there were:

    [Democratic] Attorneys (10 out of 12 total – 83%)
    [Possibly Gore, who never graduated — if he’s included, the percentage is 92%]
    Carter was the only non-lawyer, non-law school attendee.

    [Republican] Attorneys (2 out of 9 total – 22%)

    Non-lawyers – McCain, Palin, Bush 43, Cheney, Kemp, Bush 41 and Reagan

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