Wa-Ni Ga-Tso-Di

Full Draw

Full Draw

Wa-Ni Ga-Tso-Di is a Hickory selfbow (one piece of wood) that I built in a Cherokee-ish style.  She’s 45# @ 28″ and shoots great!

More pics here.



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3 responses to “Wa-Ni Ga-Tso-Di

  1. Jb, is it just me or are you looking like that “House” fella ……nice bow and ………, well……posture.

    Now you just need to hammer out some wrought iron arrow heads to go with that piece of art

  2. JB

    Good idea. I’ll make some points this week.

    I gotta start making my own arrows anyway. Busting up these store bought ones is kind of expensive.

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