Blacksmithing Demonstration

Today was the day for Arts In The Park, and my first public display of blacksmithing went pretty well.  The Mrs. stopped by with her camera and took these pics.

Making a scrolled end for an S hook

Making a scrolled end for an S hook

Curling the scroll

Curling the scroll

Making a point!

Making a point!



Making a nail

Making a nail

Handwrought Nails

Handwrought Nails



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4 responses to “Blacksmithing Demonstration

  1. eric

    sure the metal looks hot, but where’s the fire, where’s the sweat?

    Great nails. those would look good in a simple wooden bowl on top of a mantel.

  2. JB

    You can see the fired forge inside the crook of my arm in the ‘curling the scroll’ pic.

    The sweat level was low today. We had nice cool weather and I was working right next to an open garage door. Most days I have to wear a headband or bandana and come home with sopping wet clothes. Today was exceptional.

    The nails are going to a newly restored antique house in Asheville somewhere. Not sure of the details, the Master Smith came in and said “I need 25 nails” and we made ’em.

  3. eric

    About 8 years ago I was involved with a project known as the “Liberty Tree Guitar.” I inspected, purchased and processed the wood from the last standing “Liberty Tree” that was left over from the Revolutionary period.

    One of the pitfalls with this project were 200 year old nails that we found that looked much like your modern day creations. we killed multiple saw blades in the process, but made excellent guitars.

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