Video Of The Week

Obamajugend have snazzy boots!

P.S. If you’re not creeped out by this you should think about why you’re not really, really hard.



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3 responses to “Video Of The Week

  1. forest

    You going to the rally in Asheville today?

  2. JB

    Just saw that there was going to be a rally on the TV news a few minutes ago.

    I can’t go, I’m allergic to B.O., B.O., and patchouli.

  3. This has become another very popularly read post of mine.. it seems that too many immoral, hypocritical Obama supporters clearly do not object to their lying about, bashing Sarah Palin , or even by others but they now really take offence when their idol Obama is bashed, put in a negative light.. Obama deal with reality, get used to it. In the last debate Sarah Palin had still treated Senator Joe Bilden with respect… the News media and Democrats really need to do the same thing still too. But too often now they can’t seem to do so and wrongfully too.

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