Here We Go

If Obama wins, these are the people that will be in charge.  If Obama loses these people will become very, very angry.

Attacked by Obama supporter

Attacked by Obama supporter

The McCain volunteer Ashley Todd, 20, of College Station, Texas, was robbed at an ATM then had the letter “B” carved on her face by her Obama-supporting robber.

UPDATE: She’s lying.

UPDATE II: She’s crazy and a former Ron Paul supporter



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2 responses to “Here We Go

  1. forest

    The details are still a little sketchy, and maybe suspect, but I’m not surprised something like this would happen. Just up the street from the good ol’ Bloomfield Bridge Tavern too.

    I’d consider putting a McCain sticker on my car, but I figured the car would be vandalized or I’d get some unwanted attention – especially when I go into Harrisburg or Philthadelphia.

    It’s the same reason I wouldn’t put a McCain sign in the front yard. If he does win, I would expect some backlash from Obama cultists due to the sign. A brick through the window, or being called a racist at a minimum.

  2. Mom

    it was a hoax!!!

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