View of Black Mountain from our deck

View of Black Mountain from our deck

More photos here.



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7 responses to “Autumn

  1. eric

    Is it Black under all those multi-colored trees? We have a Black Mountain here in SD, but it’s covered with…rocks and scrub.

  2. JB

    Ya know, I’m not sure. I’ll ask a local. For all I know it might have been owned by a family named Black at one time.

  3. forest

    Looks nice out there.

    JB, I’m starting work on a new book: “101 Uses for Government Cheese”. Have any recipe suggestions? Any non-recipe suggestions?

  4. JB

    Forget gubmint cheese. After Obama’s sworn in the gubmint’s gonna pay your mortgage for you and give you a tax refund even if you didn’t pay taxes!

    Oh, I loves me my Uncle Sugar!

  5. forest

    And I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car either! If we help him, he’ll help us:

    I’m trying to think of a business that might thrive under the new regime, and all I could think of was the cook book idea.

    Oh well, we’ll just have to sit down, shut up and keep our eyes on our damn telescreens, and we’ll all be able to rest in peace.

  6. eric

    I’ve got 53 recipes for “nacho cheese”…as in that’s not-yo cheese.

  7. forest


    Yes, not-yo cheese. It’s not my cheese anymore because government cheese is very – spreadable.

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