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My Latest Bow

Here’s my latest, a Hickory Holmgaard named Great Dane.  She draws 45# at 28″ and shoots very nicely.  She’s 66″ overall with static tips of 10″.  The working limbs are 1 3/4″ wide.  I left some of the cambium on the back and finished her with a coat of pecan stain then four coats of tinted wipe-on poly.


More pics here.

Holmgaard bows are an ancient design, based on bows found near Holmgaard, Denmark.  They have thin, stiff tips that don’t bend at all.



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News Flash!


When a reporter from The Sylva Herald and Ruralite called me for an interview I didn’t expect a huge story with color photos on page one of section B!

Must be a slow news week.


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Video of the Week


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A little something

Letter Opener

Letter Opener

I’ve been messing around with finishes and heat coloration in the steel lately.  For this one I forged it, wire brushed it, ground it to shape, then used a slack belt sander to polish some areas.  Then I put it back in the forge for a few seconds, pulled it out and when the colors got ‘just right’ I quenched it in oil.

It’s not a knife, the steel is not hardened.  Just a letter opener.  Not that you couldn’t stab your annoying little sister with it or anything like that…


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Required Reading

Ralph Peters

Mark Steyn

Taranto on Wilders


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