A little something

Letter Opener

Letter Opener

I’ve been messing around with finishes and heat coloration in the steel lately.  For this one I forged it, wire brushed it, ground it to shape, then used a slack belt sander to polish some areas.  Then I put it back in the forge for a few seconds, pulled it out and when the colors got ‘just right’ I quenched it in oil.

It’s not a knife, the steel is not hardened.  Just a letter opener.  Not that you couldn’t stab your annoying little sister with it or anything like that…



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9 responses to “A little something

  1. Annoying little sister

    MMOMMMMMMMM! John’s threatening me with his arts and crafts project! (stomp stomp stomp… SLAM!)

  2. JB

    In cyberspace no one can hear you scream…

    BAM BAM! I just kicked a hole in your bedroom door!

  3. Mom

    Go to your rooms!

  4. JB

    Jeez. I’m pretty sure this is the first time in the history of the blogosphere that a blogger has been sent to his room by his Mom.

    Stomp stomp stomp stomp SLAM!

  5. Mom

    Just a momentary flashback.

  6. forest

    Great, you’ve all gone and ruined dinner again.

    And it was my favorite – lentil soup.

  7. sis

    Oh that would explain where Phil has been during this virtual ruckus – his face is in his soup again… 😉

  8. Bro Phil

    Just like the good old days!

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