My Latest Bow

Here’s my latest, a Hickory Holmgaard named Great Dane.  She draws 45# at 28″ and shoots very nicely.  She’s 66″ overall with static tips of 10″.  The working limbs are 1 3/4″ wide.  I left some of the cambium on the back and finished her with a coat of pecan stain then four coats of tinted wipe-on poly.


More pics here.

Holmgaard bows are an ancient design, based on bows found near Holmgaard, Denmark.  They have thin, stiff tips that don’t bend at all.



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2 responses to “My Latest Bow

  1. Mom

    That’s a beautiful bow. A real work of art!

  2. This bow looks well crafted, skinny tipped bows are the best design you can do. For a smooth drawing , shooting accuracy and flight it is king.
    Nice work.

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