Feel Like a Chump?

Just remember, those members of Congress who vote to tax you and spend your money on “bailouts” and phony “stimulus” may be calling you a “chump” behind your back.



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3 responses to “Feel Like a Chump?

  1. forest

    I’d feel more like a chump if I had ever believed they would do the right thing. But I didn’t. They are going to borrow tons of money in our name and hand it out slowly and inefficiently as pork and “tax credits” to people who pay no income tax (aka welfare). This is designed to increase the power of the central government and little more. It sure as hell isn’t designed to stimulate the economy. They could do that by leaving money in the hands of tax payers.

    But they can’t do that because the the gubmint can’t control where the money goes that way.

  2. forest

    “This stimulus bill is valuable f***ing thing! You don’t just let people keep their money and decide how to spend it themselves.”

  3. JB

    It”s even worse than we think. There’s $347 Billion worth of interest debt in the bill that does not show up on paper. I’m glad I don’t have kids.

    The democrats are wrecking the nation’s entire economy in mere months.


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