Angle Grinders are Dangerous

I was cleaning up a kitchen towel loop

with a wire brush on an angle grinder when the brush snagged the little scroll at the end of the holder.

In an instant it had wrapped itself up three times.  I held on and shut the grinder off.  Still had all of my fingers intact.  When I went to unwind things the grinder handle snapped right off.  It had sheared through a 3/8″ bolt!

I had no idea I was so strong!  I’d hate to think what would have happened if I had let go or the towel holder had come out of the vise.



Filed under Blacksmithing

5 responses to “Angle Grinders are Dangerous

  1. Mom

    Yeow!!! A few tense milliseconds?

  2. forest

    I didn’t know a towel holder could be that dangerous.

  3. JB

    Mom, your order has been delayed by a day or two. Sorry.

  4. Dad

    I assume you did not have loose long sleeves or gloves on. I bet I covered that 100 times at safety meetings. Dad

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