VDH Again

We can see what Europeanization leads to: you worship at the altar of the goddess Pax, but hate the United States for still having a military that saves postmodern you from premodern others. You praise diversity, but are terrified of unassimilated Middle East Muslims thriving in your midst, who unlike you, really do believe in something and it’s not Western liberalism. You praise openness and tolerance, but demonize anyone who questions orthodoxy, whether it be global warming or the efficacy of state redistribution. You rant about class and privilege, but live private lives of secret values predicated on status, aristocratic pedigree, and rank.



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2 responses to “VDH Again

  1. forest

    That excerpt pretty much sums it up. The only thing that will have any impact on the self-indulgent fantasies of these middle-aged adolescents in Europe is pain. They won’t be so worried about wagging their fingers at the US or “saving the earth” when they realize their new masters aren’t going to take care of them as they age.

  2. forest

    Here’s a nice exhibit from the Ministry of Truth for VDH:


    These people think that wealth just exists. It’s a birthright that has always been there and will always be there and it is a matter for the State to distribute it “fairly”. Very weird to see 40 year olds who get stuck at the mental age of 15.

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