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How Can You Tell When a Chicago Politician is Lying?

His lips are moving.

FACT CHECK: Obama’s Job Creation, Deficit Claims Questionable


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I’m Apparently Saving the Planet

Artists have helped end wars and topple governments. Can they help save the planet, too? That’s the question posed by ECO-ART: Artists Respond – Reclaim, Reuse, Recreate, a show opening May 8 at Hand in Hand Gallery in Flat Rock. …

ECO-ART also features the work of John Burtner, a blacksmith who works out of the Blacksmith’s Village at the Jackson County Green Energy Park in Dillsboro.

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Ignore the 747 and the F-16

Frank Taylor’s got the best post on the Air Farce One flyby:

A 380,000 pound, 4-engine airliner will be zipping around the Statue of Liberty at 1500 feet, but you have to keep it a secret

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You, the US taxpayer are now part owner of a failed international mega-corporation!

P.S. You got screwed in the deal too.


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The Bill of Federalism

Randy Barnett has proposed ten amendments to the United States Constitution.

More info here.  You can comment too.

The bill itself is here (6 page pdf).

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Michelle, ma belle…

Sont des vêtements qui vont tres mal ensemble…




Paging Miss Stacy London and Miss Clinton Kelly!  You’ve got work to do!

Sorry if my French is incorrect.  I never was good at that language.  And apologies to Paul McCartney.


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Greening up the Mountains

Sylva’s spring festival went pretty well.  Sales were OK, and I made some good contacts.


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