Tea Party Coverage

The Mainstream Media doesn’t understand the movement, but they did cover it:

Asheville Citizen Times article

ACT photos

Hendersonville Times Photo Gallery: Asheville Tax Tea Party



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9 responses to “Tea Party Coverage

  1. Half the World (including myself) doesn’t understand your hypocritical “movement”.

  2. JB

    I’ll type slowly so you can understand…

    smaller government
    lower taxes
    less waste
    more liberty

    Howzat, numbskull?

  3. forest

    Probably gets the “news” from CNN:

    The second half – the part CNN didn’t record or air is the most interesting.

  4. JB

    CNN is terrible, but there are lots of people in this country that get their ‘news’ from Comedy Central.

    About a year ago someone wrote something (wish I could remember who) that really changed my perceptions of partisan politics in the US, and probably the world.

    The right understands and can clearly explain what leftists want, but leftists are utterly baffled by the right’s desires.

    This was a real eye-opener for me.

    Another angle on the same concept: How many people are leftists when they are young, but swing over to the right in their 30s or 40s? Lots.

    Conversely, how many people migrate from the right to the left with age? Very few.

    It’s telling.

  5. forest

    Yeah, I’m not sure if the relentless cluelessness about these tea parties is an intentional effort to misrepresent them, or if leftists are just thick.

    Either way, the CNN chick thinking she was making a great argument against the tea party by explaining to the guy how much pork his state was getting was just amazing.

  6. Charlie Duckett

    WNC, I am proud of you. I would have been there too, if I had not had to work and could not get off. 1,000 attendees is very impressive for the “Socialist Republic of North Carolina.” Please contact me for all future activities protesting Obamanation..

  7. JB

    Chuck, Erika’s Tea Party site is here-> http://ashevilleteaparty.wordpress.com/

  8. forest

    Heh, CNN had the previous clip pulled for supposed copyright infringement because it was embarrassing to them. It pretty clearly fell under “fair use” anyway since the portion of their broadcast was being critiqued, and not stolen, but oh well, more will be posted:


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