$100 million?

$100 million? Are you freaking kidding me?

You run the national debt up three trillion dollars and now you think that asking your cabinet to save millions makes you fiscally responsible?

We’re not that stupid, Barack-0.

“The Department of Homeland Security estimated that it could save up to $52 million over five years by buying office supplies in bulk, the official said.”

Wow, just Wow.

“We are on an unsustainable course.” Obama said in his weekly radio address on Saturday.

Well, we agree there.  Our plans to change course vary just a little bit though, Hussein.  My plan involves you with a hand lettered sign reading ‘will work for food’ standing on a street corner in Chicago.



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2 responses to “$100 million?

  1. JB

    Over at The Corner Brian Reidel points out jus how small this ‘savings’ really is:
    · It is 1/40,000 of the federal budget;

    · It is 1/7,830 the size of the recent “stimulus” bill;

    · It would close 1/1,845 of this year’s budget deficit;

    · It is the amount the federal government spends every 13 minutes; and

    · For a family earning $40,000 annually, it is the equivalent of cutting $1 from their family budget.


  2. forest

    In a related story, I decided to improve the fuel efficiency of my Hummer by throwing a cigarette butt out the window. The media loved it and said I was awesome.

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