Michelle, ma belle…

Sont des vêtements qui vont tres mal ensemble…




Paging Miss Stacy London and Miss Clinton Kelly!  You’ve got work to do!

Sorry if my French is incorrect.  I never was good at that language.  And apologies to Paul McCartney.


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4 responses to “Michelle, ma belle…

  1. trailing wife

    It’s Mr. Clinton Kelly, actually. Poor Mrs. Obama is trying so hard to dress for her current role, for which she has absolutely no experience. Perhaps the McCain candidacy can send over Governor Palin’s stylist, who did such a wonderful job.

  2. JB

    Psst, t. w., the “Miss Clinton Kelly” was a little snarky joke on my part.

    I’m such a bitch at times! {8^0

  3. forest

    The “black widow” dress is my favorite.

  4. Mario

    Mon dieu! C’est vraiment terrible…..

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