Killing a News Story

How it’s done.



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5 responses to “Killing a News Story

  1. forest

    Maureen Dowd got busted for plagiarism today too.

    NYT is a real fine paper.

    When Lord BO takes them over, I’m sure he’ll fix all these problems.

  2. JB

    One share of NYT stock is $6.15 this morning. A copy of the NYT Sunday edition is $6.00. I wouldn’t buy either.

  3. forest

    Thanks to some rich Mexican guy, the NYT says the NYT will have enough credit to continue operating for at least another year and a half. Then BO gets to cut their creditors off at the knees and take it.

  4. forest

    Did I say “take it”? I meant to say “give it to the Teamsters” who deliver it.

    The greedy capitalists who own it are going to have to learn how to sacrifice…

  5. forest

    Now NYT is selling Obama merchandise:

    Pathetic. And Obama doesn’t even own them yet.

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