The Grand Unification Theory of Sucking

Vodkapundit, the New York Times, Matt Drudge and the Three Stooges show us why “The Obama people are the ones making it worse, those stupid idiot dumb-dumbs.”



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4 responses to “The Grand Unification Theory of Sucking

  1. forest

    Scaring the shit our of private investors by cramming down the GM and Chrysler bond holders to 20% of their value while seizing the companies for the UAW and the State is a nice touch too.

    Obama is a command economy goon. Command economies don’t work. That’s about it.

    But the Nazis did make a go of the command economy illusion for about ten years, but you know, they had to resort to slavery to do that.

  2. forest

    And before anybody accuses me of a Godwin’s violation, yes, I compared BO to the Nazis and I stand by it because it’s valid.

    What they are doing to the economy fits the fascist model. There’s no podium pounding, nifty uniforms, or genocide, but the handling of business is the same.

    Fascists set up public/private partnerships by making “offers that can’t be refused” to big business, thereby co-opting them. This is what Mussolini and Hitler did, and BO is doing the same. This time, it’s fascism with a metro-sexual egghead veneer, but we’re headed for a fascist economy just the same, and the negative effects of personal liberty are coming right along with it.

  3. JB

    Yeah, I was gonna say Barack-0 reminds me more or Mussolini than that German dude.

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