Moron of the Week

“We brought the global economy back from the brink.  Because of the bold and coordinated action that we took, millions of jobs have been saved or created; the decline in output has been stopped; financial markets have come back to life”.

He’s a moron if he believes that is true, and hes a moron if he thinks we’ll believe it.  Either way…


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One response to “Moron of the Week

  1. forest

    Jobs “saved” is impossible to measure.

    Jobs created are easy to verify. I think job creation is at about negative 2.5 million since porkulus.

    Back in February, CBS dutifully reported how many jobs would be created by the bill. California was supposed to be the big winner. They might want to follow up their story to let us know the opposite has happened.

    “The big winner appears to be California, which the White House says will see a “jobs impact” of 396,000.”

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