Bye bye, Dillsboro dam!

Good riddance.

dillsboro dam

Jackson County wasted tens of thousands of dollars trying to keep this useless dam intact.

Google Maps Street View

Local Newspaper



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6 responses to “Bye bye, Dillsboro dam!

  1. forest

    That’s good. Looks like nothing but a canoe hazard.

    OT: How about Hillary’s people running over Treacher and breaking his leg for him?

  2. JB

    Yeah, this will extend the good tubing/rafting/canoing on the Tuckaseegee by miles.

    I heard a rumor it was Biden’s goons…

  3. Mario

    Was this a storm breach or did they demo the dam?

  4. JB

    Demo. See the trackhoe on the right? It’s got a huge jackhammer on it.

    See the local newspaper’s article here:

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