Victor Davis Hanson…

Takes a tour of Califonia’s wealthiest and poorest areas:

A strange elite I suppose likes and pays for the ambience — that is, living among people like themselves — of upscale university centered communities. Why? I have a theory. It allows them to be liberal and progressive in the abstract, without having to live the logical consequences of their utopianism, or deal with the underbelly of American life. Take the most sophisticated Palo Alto dweller, and a week outside of Laton on a farm would make her, well, “seasoned” so to speak, and challenge much of her assumptions about wealth and poverty.

Read it here.


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  1. forest

    Take the worst areas of any city, and I can promise you not too many white liberals have ever stepped foot outside their cars there. It’s where moonbats fear to tread, and then they project their race and class driven fear and elitism onto conservatives. You know, elite wannabe closet racists like Chris Matthews.

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