Video of the Week

Marvin Gaye and Tina Turner perform “Money” and “I’ll Be Doggone” on ABC’s ‘Shindig!’ 4/7/65.

From Wikipedia:

Accompanying the music acts of the week, Shindig! also featured a dance troupe called the Shin-diggers. One of the regular dancers was Teri Garr, who would go on to find success as an actress. The Shin-diggers’ assistant choreographer, Antonia Basilotta, later changed her named to Toni Basil, and would go on to have a successful music career with the hit song “Mickey“.

The series house band, the Shin-diggers (later renamed the Shindogs), featured a young Glen Campbell, Billy Preston, and pianist Leon Russell.

The Blossoms, an all-female vocal group featuring Darlene Love, backed up many of the performers and were occasionally featured in spotlight performances.


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  1. Mom

    Now, that’s my kind of music!! I’m old enough to remember the show.

    And, I don’t even remember that book. It might have come from Granpas’s stash.

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