Hail Obama!

Hail Caesar!

The arugula is a nice touch, don’t you think?



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10 responses to “Hail Obama!

  1. JB

    Please, do not use the words ‘andrew’, ‘sullivan’, and ‘rationally’ in the same paragraph.

    That man sadly lost his mind years ago.

  2. forest

    Hopefully the Palin pick helps bury this Obama foolishness for good.

    I like making fun of the guy, but in all seriousness, it will do me some serious financial harm if he gets elected, and it isn’t because I make more than $250,000 per year.

    When he’s talking about “closing tax loopholes on corporations”, he’s talking to me and alot of other small business people. To keep this short, part of the Democrats tax plan that is spelled out in Charlie Rangel’s “Tax Reduction and Reform Act” (HR 3970 sec. G) involves expanding the application of self employment taxes to all s-corp income. So, for me, tax “Reform” means “Increase” – about $5000 per year in additional social security taxes.

    But they might cut my income tax by a percent or so and then claim to have cut my taxes. Meanwhile, I’ll be paying more overall taxes, and Obama will be pissing on my head, while Sullivan and the MSM stooges are telling me it’s raining.

  3. wendy

    I am sure that this will also come to play at my house as well, but I will gladly pay $5,000 a year to keep a power-hungry, anti-choice, radical Christian out of the white house… She is just scary – more so than Hillary and that is one scary power-hungry woman.

    I would love nothing more than to vote for a woman, but I hope to God or the Universe or whatever you pray to these days, that women around the country DO NOT vote by gender alone. Talk about setting us back to the dark ages…

  4. JB

    You go ahead and vote for the two blow-hard career politicians that have NEVER had a real job in their entire lives.

    I’m voting for the POW hero and the mother of five that both have solid anti-corruption, anti-pork records.

    And if you think Sarah Palin is scarier than the Hildabeast, you need to think again. Hard.

    Real hard.

    P.S. Roe V. Wade will never go away. Stop beating that dead ‘choice’ horse.

  5. forest


    I don’t have an extra $5000 annually to be confiscated by an accomplishment-free leftist to redistribute to preferred grievance groups.

    And why are Palin and Hillary “scary” and “power hungry” while McCain, Obama and the rest of the also-rans avoid these labels? Palin and Hillary don’t agree on many issues, so they must have something else in common…

  6. wendy

    First of all, I didn’t say that McCain and Obama were not power hungry or scary, I was talking about Hillary and Palin – they are both scary to me and not just power hungry but abusive of power.

    John – I am sure that after a few years in the south, you will fully grasp the Christian Right. It is obvious that you do not, yet. Matt – you still live up north, so you have an excuse.

    re: “choice” – you are right it will never go away, which is exactly why it is NOT a dead horse and I will continue to pay attention to this issue and the candidates views on this issue and others like it. I am appalled and embarrassed that the two of you are ignoring this and passing it off as some sort of little “nothing to worry about”.

  7. forest

    At least you didn’t call Hillary and Palin “shrill”, so I gotta give some credit there.

    What’s appalling about being against abortion? I’m not in favor of a complete ban, I guess, but I’d be in favor of states making their own laws, so that means I’m against the Roe legislation, er, I mean “decision”.

  8. weburtow

    I didn’t say that being against abortion is appalling. Again, you twist my words, or just don’t read them. What I said was that treating it like a non-issue is appalling. It is an issue. And if you believe that women deserve a choice, then you should not be voting for Palin… I mean McCain. er, wait, who is it running for president again??? Right, McCain. And he is pro-choice – oh wait WAS pro-choice way back in 2000. NOW he is against abortion. I get so confused sometimes. So glad that the GOP does not have any flip-flopping.

    But seriously, did you see the snl opening last night. Very funny!

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